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5 Shocking things your 10 year child will never do

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Today, you’ll discover 5 shocking things that your 10-year child will never do at your age.

And you need to pay attention So that you can prepare them for the new tech world. Let’s begin.


  1. Driving their nice saloon car
  2. Paying for goods and services with cash
  3. Typing with their fingers
  4. Walking without a smart device
  5. Encouraging their children to go to school
  6. Bonus: Getting pregnant after marriage


1.They won’t drive their nice saloon car

Cars have evolved from drinking petrol to diesel, then gas, and no electricity. And guess what, self-driving cars have already hit the road.  You would recall that a few years ago, one had to be perfect at moving legs and changing gears several times before a vehicle would reach its destination. Well, if your car is not automatic, you’re still doing the same thing.

But today, modern cars are automatic. And all you need to do is to put the car on ‘Drive’, and control the steer.

But that’s not all. Vehicle manufacturing companies have made a huge step by manufacturing self-driving energy-efficient cars.

You don’t have to drive, just tap on a screen, indicate your destination, relax, and start playing soccer on your phone. By the time you lose the match by two goals to nothing, you’ll be at your destination. That’s the power of technology.

So, prepare the child to think outside the box, and to be open to the new world of possibilities.

2. Paying for goods and services with cash 

Did you know that there are more mobile money accounts in Ghana than bank accounts?

According to  Gregory Omondi, there are over 13.1 million mobile money accounts compared to the 12 million bank accounts.

The era of pulling out your paper-filled wallet, paying for your favorite waakye, and waiting for your balance is ending. We are moving into an entirely cashless society. And it goes beyond mobile money.

How? Let me explain

Whether we like it or not, we are becoming humanoids – half-machine, half-human. And that’s why you can’t leave your phone for more than 3days (wouldn’t you fall sick?)

In fact, facial recognition technology has made it possible for you to just look at a screen, and say “make payment” and then instantly, your payment is made. Because the screen has a technology that recognizes your voice, your face, and how much you have in your bank account. This is not fiction, it’s already happening in some developed countries.

But in 20years time, this will be a common technology even in Ghana. And one would not have to carry money, ATM card, or remember passwords before making payment. Your mind will keep your cash, and your voice shall be your password. Pretty cool.

3.  Typing with fingers 

Have you ever used Google voice, Cortana, or Alexa to search for something online before? Well, if these names are new to you, don’t worry, I’ll explain.

Imagine a young online researcher who continually typed in the google search bar to conduct research for his company. Sadly, he lost all his five fingers whilst trying to prepare fufu for his side chick.

Hmmm. Has he lost his job already? No! If he can speak fluently, he can still perform his duties at work. For example, he can use Google voice to search for the articles online. And after reading, he can use Siri (on iPhone) to open a word application.

And with the help of the little voice symbol on your phone’s keyboard, he can speak to the phone and whatever he says will be typed nicely. Nice isn’t it?

Currently, voice search takes 50% of all internet searches. And the numbers will keep rising until almost everyone, including you and I, begin searching for anything online with our voice.

So if your voice isn’t sweet, start eating some banana 🙂 Just kidding.

smart home

3. Walking without a smart device

Permit me to say: In 10 years time, it would be almost impossible for one to live for days without a smart device.

Gone were the days when our forefathers walked for miles to communicate the sudden death of a beloved uncle.

Today, one lies in bed, and calls the wife on WhatsApp video to ask if the meal is ready.

The likes of Apple watches that monitor the wearer’s heartbeat, temperature, and the amount of calories burnt in a day are game-changers. Everything we use is becoming smart.

Your 10-year child will live in an era where her belt can warn her not to eat a heavy meal, her sunglasses will automatically detect fake products, and her brazier will have records of who has been removing it the most. Pretty cool.

Technology is fast evolving, so the earlier you allow your child to love it, the better. Because in their adult stage, they won’t sleep or breathe without wearing a smart device.

4. Encouraging their children to go to School

This is the most intriguing part of all. The current system of education was made for the industrial era. During that time, manual labor was necessary for manufacturing companies to operate effectively.

So the educational system was designed to program people into taking specific tasks, obeying laid down procedures, and achieving predetermined results. Today, machines (robots) achieve that in a more efficient way. And you don’t have to pay for the robot. Nice

And guess what, everything you need to study is online. In fact, youtube alone can make you a professor in just a few years. And all you have to pay is commitment and the cost of data. Well, there will still be schools. Because it’s a business. But you don’t have to go to the school’s premises with your physical body to learn.

Classrooms will be virtual. And as you know, the popular COVID-19 has forced even African institutions to offer virtual education. But that is just the beginning.

So your 10year child’s children will sit where they want, join their classmates virtually, demonstrate and break chairs virtually (for difficult examination questions), and tickle their girlfriend sitting next to them, all in the virtual classroom.

The smart ones will not further their education after learning to read and write. But still become the movers and shakers of the system. Welcome to the new world.

artificial insemination

6. Bonus: They won’t pray for pregnancy after marriage

During the Neolithic era, when agriculture was the main source of livelihood, our forefathers were more interested in marrying more and giving birth to tens of children. Why? Because it was the only means of procreation and productivity. Not anymore.

Artificial insemination may seem satanic and western, but it will soon become the new norm, just like the wearing of face mask. And perhaps, you hate that topic, but you enjoy coconut from a variety that bears fruits within 3years – the magic of Afric lab.

So, as knowledge increases, people are getting to appreciate that being alive is much more than getting pregnant and bringing forth children.  But rather, it is an opportunity to make the world better than we met it. So many people will choose not to marry at all. And those that marry would prefer a contract.

But even still, the married ones will prefer to have a chamber to nurture their baby till birth, than to carry the baby for nine months. After all, it’s safer, less stressful, gives more time for pursuing life goals, and it would be a normal thing.

It may seem like a future that is far. But the world is evolving at such a pace that 50years might be too long for such a culture to manifest.


Technology has changed the way we live our lives. But the current rate of change is almost unbearable.

Our children will not live the same kind of life we are living. So be mindful of that and get the children prepared for the tech revolution ahead.

Remember, in 30years time, a 30year adult that knows what you know, and works the way you work, would be considered poor, outmoded and perhaps old-fashioned.

Embrace technology, and let the children love and play with it.

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Credit: Isacc Asomah

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